Monday, March 14, 2011

Yet Another Inspiring Angel Book....

First Thoughts:

I'm so glad that I risked reading this book. It was a wonderful and fast read for me. I've been fascinated with angels for quite awhile now. So when I come across an angel book I question to read it and I so chose to read this one. It really was fun to get inside the characters minds and experience along side Raea what it's like to be thrown from your normal life into something much more different than you could ever imagine.


This is about a girl who lost her mom and stepfather when she was five, her mother gave her a crystal to guard and keep and told her never to lose it. When we come into the present and Raea is a senior in high school we see how much she's dealt with and how she interacts with her friends. Raea is living a normal life living with her aunt and counsins but when things start getting wierd, terrible headaches and the same dream over and over again she starts to question her life. Elis the "wierd guy" at school seems to be able to soothe her headaches and is watching her afar which creeps Raea out even more but Pallin a new "foreign" exchange student shows up at school and has eyes only for her. Soon Raea discovers her true idenity and must fight alongside Elis to not only advoid the danger that lurks withing her town but the Nina who has eyes to expose her...

This short book is packed with plenty of action and suspense....if you like angels I recommend you read this so that you may open your eyes to another creative world of the unexplained.

Last Thoughts:

I really liked this book, read it in a day and gave it four stars for it's creativity and writing!!

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