Monday, June 6, 2011

A Crowned Success!!

First Thoughts:

I loved this book, I about loved everything about it. It gives you suspense, great character development, likeable characters and a great plot and storyline. I was utterly suprised to learn that the author was very young when she wrote this; still in high school. To have written such a complex and well structured book at such a young age is a rare talent indeed. This book sure drew me in with its hyptnotizing aura and soon left me breathless and stunned.


Princess Alera is the eldest of two, her sister Princess Miranna is the youngest at the age of 15 where Alera is 17. This book takes place just before Alera's 17th birthday where in a matter of year she is expected to marry a man of whom the King her father approves. Of course to make matters more complicated her father has his eyes set on one man and that's the son of the captain of his guard who's son's name is Seldor. Alera has no likes to this man, claiming he is foolish and egotistic. So, she tries to find another man to her liking before its too late. But just years earlier before Alera was born 49 babies were taken by their enemy the Cokyrians who later returned the dead babies all but one returned.

16 years after the return of the dead babies a Cokyrian is found and brought to the palace for questioning where by accident they discover his Hythanican heritage, he's the missing baby that wasn't return. Narian is mysterious and won't reveal anything of himself and what he went through with Cokyrians but soon he sets his eyes on Aria and it is she who bounds him to stay with the Hythanicans.

But Narian is hiding something, a legacy he is a part of and could very well bring down Hythica. Aria will soon be faced with a decision that could affect her life forever and she must choose her husband so that she can be married on her 18th birthday and her father is too none kind to allowing Narian to be the choice. Alera will be faced with hardship and choices, would she stay with her kingdom or give it up for love?

Last Thoughts:

A definate favorite of mine, I'll will be reading the rest of the series in anticipation of whats to become of my darest characters. I advise anyone to read this, there is no foul language and is suitable for a variety of audience. I took a chance with this book, I advise you to do the same. It is indeed a fast and exciting read. I give this book 5 stars!!

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