Saturday, June 4, 2011

A read that is haunting...

First Thoughts:

Okay, I went into reading this book knowing nothing about the author or much of the story itself. The first chapter really freaked me out, I mean describing in detail of the mind of a serial killer?! I mean come on, that's bound to freak anyone out. This was definately a strange book, the characters were too easily placed and seemed to get over these terrible incidents quite quickly and they forgave way too easily. But despite that it was interesting read and only took me about a day to read.


Danny has just moved to Colorado where he is sent to this experimental school where no one is allowed to speak, and you had a strict schedule. A very controlled environment. Where secret socities blossomed and kids were vicious in their own ways. A very out of the ordinary school, controlled by one person.

Danny thinks its bad enough he's had to move here from Las Vegas but soon he becomes wrapped up in a mystery where cats are being killed and he fears for his own cat Jeffery. But soon enough he slowly gets close to the one who is responisble and puts his own life at risk. He'll have to step up his game if he expects to make it out of this alive.

Last thoughts:

Though I didn't particulary enjoy this book, it doesn't mean you won't. I say give it a chance and see what you think of it. Everyone's different. But I was totally creeped out and the secret ingrediant to the hot chocolate in this book, well let's just say I won't be having any hot chocolate anytime soon.

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