Monday, June 13, 2011

A Real Life Read

First Thoughts:

I've never read any other books by Megan Hart so I went into this book knowing nothing of her style but as I read it I was hooked. Her style is amazing, it sucks you in and grabs you by the throat and doesn't let you go. It keeps you so intrigued that you want to know what happens, what the characters are thinking. I think what I really enjoyed was the complex characters, they weren't flat, they had realism to them, like someone that you would meet out in the real world but kind of hope you don't in a way.


Gilly is kidnapped by a guy named Todd who only wants her truck, but when given the chance to escape she doesn't. For three months Gilly is stuck in a run down house away from anywhere with this guy, who won't let her go. They are trapped by snow, the weather too cold and terrible to go anywhere and the truck? It's gone, destroyed in an attempt to escape.

So for the next three months the two grow to know each others and Gilly discovers the reason behind Todd, why he acts the way he does, how he ticks. and the truth she finds is far from pretty. Will she run away from him when the snow melts and she is given the chance? Or will she stay with this man who took her? With a guy who is similar to her in such a way that they connect....

Last Thoughts:

I really enjoyed the read, never dull. Only problem I had was the foul language but it was okay in this particular use. It wasn't wrongfully used. But I do caution to the youngsters to not read it because of that. I mean there is a reason this is considered an adult book after all...but for those of you who enjoy complex characters and a realistic situation I urge you to read "Precious and Fragile Things" It sure gave me a new perspective on people....

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