Monday, October 10, 2011

Beautiful and Inspiring

First thoughts:

What to say...had very good imagery incorporated throughout the storyline, seeing the landscapes that were created was breath taking. The authors use of language fit perfectly into what a grieving person would say, do and feel. It felt really realistic; the characters didn't heal instantly and the conflicts that were introduced page after page would leave me in a puddle on the ground. But the author created strong characters; people I would in a wierd way idolize. Because in the end everyone has their own way of grieving and the deck they were handed was much greater than one I could envision. Something I really enjoyed was the character development, I loved to see a weak character become someone strong; someone willing to fight. And while said character was evolving a sense of their old character still shone through. The plot was exciting throughout; not of course in the thriller sense of exciting but in a sense that things kept happening, there was hardly a time the character had a breather before something new was introduced. But in essence the story was created beautifully and I loved the christian feel to it; I loved that questions were brought up and depicted how the author saw fit.


Melanie and Andie come from two different lives. While Andie lives in luxary, a loving son named Chad and a husband who provided the "Bacon" for the house; she needn'th worry about providing for her family. She didn't even have to work. But for melanie a single mom of two; Jeff and Sarah, she works at the local grocery store as a price checker. She can barely provide for her family; but she's making due. These two unlikely people are brought together by the unthinkable. Both their sons are killed in a car accident, only the kids to blame.

This story really blossoms when the accident happens and we are brought into the worlds of these two moms. We are able to see the perspective of the moms and how they deal with their loss. And while Melanie doesn't believe in God she soon is introduced to the world her son and daughter are immeresed in. Melanie questions all she believes in and perhaps see's that the greatest gift of all is "God".

As for Andie a believer of God she deals with her husband Blair, a husband who has sapped her of life and soon she learns that Art is the only way to release the tension; the pain. And while her world falls apart she will on her own and with the help of God discover that its time to stand up and be who she is meant to be.

But will the two come together and forgive the other? Or will their hatred; pain cause a ripple in their lives? Leaving them bitter and sad?

Last thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book and though I thought it ended a little too quickly, I still liked the fact that not everything was necessarly solved. I loved the writing style; the concept of the two women and the development of something beautiful. I can't wait to discove some other writings by Kathryn. This is a book for any christian but be warned there are a lot of things brought up about God so if you feel uncomfortable reading in that kind of depth this is not a book for you. But in all I enjoyed this book and I feel a renewed sense of my faith.

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