Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Inspirational and Fuzzy

First thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book, it had so much realism to it. I really thought the relationship between Leigh and Brian was real, it wasn't rushed, forced or in any way unrealistic. I thought the world was fabricated perfectly, the emotions were real, the characers were as real as you and me. And though I'm not familiar with cancer and what it entitles, I felt this author was knowledgeable in creating a character who had it and was just in the first year of remission. Religion played a very key role in this book and it was really touching to see how each character approached the subject. The plot was perfect, not too fast yet not too slow. And though maybe not everything was promised a happy ending I do believe that it could be, I think it was up to the reader to draw the conclusions at the end, would Leigh ever get what she really wanted? The not knowing is the best part, it allows you to draw the ending you want. The character development was great, Leigh really changed by the end of the story, she came to terms with things she had been refusing at the beginning of the story; she came at peace and accepted what she was given. As for the writing itself, if flowed smoothly, there was enough dialogue to satisfy the reader but not too much to overwhelm them. But I really enjoyed the story, its one you can take to heart and realize that there is probably someone like Leigh out there and you could have what she has; a strong family. I found this was a really inspirational story to me, I could releate in so many ways; being on the edge...not knowing if you're going to take that was breathtaking.


Leigh has had Ovarian Cancer but after being free from cancer for a year she's in remission but her body is still weak. But wanting freedom she goes off to college with her brother Jaron who is to keep an eye on her and will be living next door to her; them sharing a backyard.

But Leigh is happy, she is away from the watchful eyes of her mom and dad and finally living the life she wanted to a year ago. But soon she finds herself overwhelmed. She's hardly sleeping and eating, the math is overwhelming but she's determined. But to add to the stress guys from every direction are asking to be noticed; to give them a chance but she wants to only be focused on school, she wants her freedom. But soon the only thing she finds comfort in is her sewing, she loves it, its her passion; her life. It takes all the strength Leigh has to make it through the school year, she's weak and she knows that but its her spirit that will outshine anyone.

Brian her brothers best friends and roommate has his own background, he has a son named Nathan and an ex-wife that wants nothing to do with him. Being 25 he see's he's already been through so much, he's wondering when life will finally turn in the right direction. But when he see's Leigh everything inside of him lights up but refuses to let her know; he has his own baggage.

Can the two of them come together before its too late? Or will the two of them be doomed to live in the dark and suffer through the loss of something they held dear to their heart?

Last thoughts:

I could never summerize this book good enough. There was so much learned and discussed in this book that it would take you as the reader to grasp and understand. The way she described everything was perfect, it was beautiful in a way that I found myself gasping in awe and wanting to visit the places she described. This book has a strong connection to the reader, though you might not cry like I found myself in places it doesn't mean you didn't connect; perhaps you felt a stirring inside that caused a shift in emotions...something that made you look differently at something either in the story or perhaps your life. Whatever the case, I think Jolene Perry is talented with her words and cannot wait to see what else she has in store for us.

I want to thank Netgalley and the publishing company for allowing me to read and review this book, I feel so honored in more ways than one.        


  1. I loved this book. Jolene did such a great job with Leigh's story. Great review!

  2. Thanks, and I Loved it too! But I'm sure you got that from my review.