Friday, October 21, 2011

A Few Flaws but Great Story

First thoughts:

It a was a very interesting plotline; it was a different kind of paranormal than what I've been reading. There was one thing that bugged me though, I think it's just me who hates this but I think there was too much use of exclamation points in the dialogue, it made the line less alive and more flat. As for the character development, I really didn't see much, the character seemed to be comfortable with everything that happened; like she almost expected it. But there are times we get to see the softer side of the character and get to know her deeper side and inner fears but it isn't very often. It's like this character was strong from the beginning, there's little room for her to grow. But I really enjoyed the story itself. I found the idea itself intriguing and around the 155 page mark things really picked up and drew me into the characters world. There definately is a great concept behind this story and we did get to see one character change but it wasn't something that suprised me, I kind of expected him to change because who would like him otherwise? One thing I really did enjoy though is the relationship between Megan and Adam, I felt it was real; that there was definately something that drew them together. But I think my absolutely favorite character would have to be Fionn, I loved his personality; his protectiveness over the teenagers in this book. I really thought his character was pure, tainted only by the pain of his past. The author showed knowledge in the new world she created, the information was consistent with the characters and throughout the book. The world of these characters is one you'll soon not forget.

Megan and her dad have just moved to Ireland but to her its just another move among many. Ever since her mother's death at the age of 6, they have kept moving, trying to make a fresh start. But this place is different, both of them can feel it. And soon Megan settles in at her new school, she makes friends easily and they seemed to enjoy thmeselves. But then a mysterious guy shows up in her life, he eyes her as does she. But the rumors about them are horrific; he's wierd, strange things come from his family; he's the talk of the town. But that doesn't divert Megan, she can't help but feel drawn to him.

but then something happens and the two of them come together, Megan learns who Adam is and how she is connected. The two of them are connected in more than one way but fate is unkind, the two of them were never meant to come together. Soon the two of them will be racing to find a way to stay together, to beat fate and all those who are against them.

Last thoughts:

I really did enjoy the story and want to continue to read more about them; to get to know them better; to see their weak sides. The description was beautiful though, she did seem to describe many things that helped us grip onto the picture of their world. I wouldn't recommend this to people who hate characters that fall instantly in love; you wouldn't enjoy this book. I for one did enjoy the realtionship of the two and due to a recent book I've read started to enjoy characters who fell hard for each other so quickly. This book takes some understanding; you must understand the characters themselves to fully appreciate what this story has to offer. And yes at times characters fell flat but the real magic of the book is the story itself. The concept is so fresh and interesting that its enough for me to continue reading futher, to see what lies in the fate of all the beloved characters. But in the end I did enjoy it and aside from a few flaws it was all worth the read.        

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