Friday, October 14, 2011

Dark but Beautiful

First thoughts:

How did I read this book so fast?! I'm still trying to come to terms that its over, well at least this book is. Moving on, I have to say that this book was different than the first one; this one took more of toll on me, even at times I wanted to cringe away from the book; I didn't want to read further because what was happening to Bryn was just too horrific, I mean hasn't she been through enough?! Isn't there an unspoken rule that fate has to take a leave of absence once in awhile? Guess not. But either way I was touched by this book and yes at times I felt the need to cry and grab a tissue beside me. Nicole did a fatastic job on creating such great imagery and scenery that it was hard not to feel like you're in the story; that you're the character. We definately got to see some transformations of the characters and see a side of them we hadn't been granted in "Eternal Eden." I loved the story, I loved that it kept changing, that nothing was stalled in one place. This was a very powerful read for me, something that will stick in my mind for awhile to come now. But no matter how sad it was at times it had me absolutely beaming because I was like 'that's my Bryn, you're a strong one, you go girl!' I just loved how strong she became, I love everything about it, she isn't just a thin, flat character; a name on the page, she's a 4D girl all the way around. And to see a more darker outlooker on their world than in "Eternal Eden" was as interesting as the characters themselves.


 Bryn and William love each other; there's no doubt about that. But being a Taker is taking its toll on Bryn and when she comes close to killing William with her powers she escapes; she becomes the coward she thinks she is and leaves Montana and travels to Paris, putting as much distance between her and the one person she never wanted to leave.

But living in Paris is no easy task and just the pain of separation is enough to bring anyone down but soon she will be put to the test, she will be forced to tell the truth; to face her greatest fear in the midst of chaos but when it comes time to stop running what will she decide? What will she do?

Last thoughts:

This book is so much more than I could ever describe. And as always in this case the summary is short, to really get the sense of darkness and power you must read this on your own. It was beautiful, dark and twisted. No matter how much you want to put this book down you can't; you get hooked, reeled in for examination. But when you reach the last page all that pain, remorse or anger will be put aside. You will discover things you didn't even know about. And there's one thing for sure Nicole's writing is what made it so believeable; so powerful. Her writing is what made me immediately by "United Eden" right after I finished this one. It was a great addition to the series and I can't wait to find out the fate of Bryn and William in the final book.

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