Friday, October 28, 2011

Different....But Good

First thoughts:

It was a good book overall, the first half of the book was a little hard to get through but on towards the middle point I read through it like a speed demon. So much happened in this book, Becca Fitzpatrick took these characters to a new level, creating a much more in depth perspective. The plot thickens even more in this book, ideas and questions are spread out wide. Characters are pressed to their limits and the plot dunks and soars throughout the entire book. This book definately had a dark feel to it, remorse was inevitable and danger was a given. The writing itself was just as good as the first too but I do believe there was a more senstive touch to it, it seemed like the author connected with the inner feelings of the characters better in this book. One thing I didn't like was the fact that the beginning was so different, so out of the norm of the first two. It was wierd to see the one character I have grown to love change so dramastically, it was kind of a shock and it brought out both anger and remorse but as the story progressed she did begin to morph back but not ever as she was before. She had aquired another trait that she didn't have before, something I now consider a battle scar. One thing I did love was the fact that some information was given to us in this book, I felt near the end I got a better understanding on some stuff I hadn't known in the previous books. As for the dialogue it was believeable but nothing that stood out from the description and inner thoughts of the characters the author used. The twists in this story were a lot better than in the first two, there were some things I seriously didn't see coming, it made it for a more exciting and interesting read. The ending was decent, it didn't leave with a huge cliffhanger for which I am grateful but it did leave for the opening of the fourth book. Which though some people seem to not like I quite find it exciting. To be with Patch and Nora more will be fun, to see what becomes of them after all that happens to them will be interesting indeed. And there is one thing I have to say before I move on to the summary the title of this book fit perfectly with it. The title was so true and deep to the story, it really forshadows the intensity and darkness of the story to come.


Nora's is within death, Hank A.K.A "The Black Hand" is ready to kill his own daughter but Patch strikes a deal with him to spare her life and that is where this book picks up.

Nora awakens in the cemetery with no memories of the last 5 months of her life. She has no idea of all that's been taken away from her. And as she is at home trying to remember all that's missing Hank shows up and starts dating her mom and though she can't remember Hank and all that he's done to her she gets the feeling he's not as sweet as he appears.

In the quest to find answers Nora finds herself in more danger than good, she starts unraveling answers but nothing that will paint the full picture. But soon people from her past show up, she uncovers things that she never thought possible. But through this whole journey the one person she will need the most is missing. Will he ever come back? Or will the journey they once had all about to end for good?

Last thoughts:

I don't want to reveal too much about this book, its better to read it; to experience the dark thoughts and people. So many new ideas and questions were brought up and thrown at the reader. I would recommend this book to fans of the series and to those of you who never thought this book could become something more than a fantasy. It was different than the first two, definately more emotional and it will be leaving you with an imprint that the others didn't. Be prepared for a new story, the next level in this world that Becca Fitzpatrick has created. I gave it 4 stars, it was different and it will take me some time to digest. Perhaps in a week or two I will give it 5 stars but for now I need to just digest all that has happened and wait till next october for the next book to be released.