Monday, October 17, 2011

Shockingly Good

First thoughts:

At first glance I was iffy about this book, I just couldn't get immersed or adjusted to the authors writing style. It's different and after awhile it grew on me, the more the storyline developed the better the writing got. Soon I couldn't stop reading, I wanted to learn more, I wanted to see the end. The character development was subtle; it wasn't down right big but there was a change in the main character. As for the scenery, the author did a very good job on describing in detail of the characters surroundings, they were precise and to the tee. I was very much impressed with the amount of research that had to of gone in with this book. She was describing their town as if she lived there; like she was apart of it. The characters themselves were personalized, each was given a personality, giving a more real feel to the fabric of their world. As for the way they fell in love it could very much be believeable, I mean if you dreamed about a guy for pratically your whole life and met him in reality wouldn't you already feel you knew him? I sure would. But as of late I have been a sap for love stories so I'll leave it up to you on the matter at hand.


Krista is different; she empathizes with everyone, anything can set her off. And as of late she has lost her adopted father and her adopted mother and her move to california hoping to escape the painful memories. And to make matters worse as of late she's been dreaming of a guy she loves being torn from her and each night she wakes up sobbing with grief. But upon enrolling in a private school Krista life changes forever. She meets Sam, someone who is eerily similar to her and they soon become inseperable. And when she arrives to history she meets him; the guy in her dreams. And instantly they are drawn to each other and they too are inseparable.

We are thus thrown into a world where Sam and Krista begin to make connections of similarites between the two of them. They both have dreamed of a guy and both of them have found them in real life. Soon the four of them discover something about themselves, something that is so important that even they didn't realize their true calling. In this first installment of the "Saving Angels" Series, Krista and Mark the guy she utterly loves and cannot be apart from battle for their lives and the answers that just might help them survive this madness. But will it be enough in the end? Or will they all fall before the game has even begun?

Last thoughts:

I finally fell in love with this book, it was really good, I especially enjoyed the action near the end, I literally found myself reading faster, wanting to read to the end and when I reached it I was yearning more of their story. One thing to take into consideration is to not give up on this book, trust me the further you read the better it gets. And by the end of it you'll be wanting more, you'll fall in love with the characters and will want to know more about them. This is definately for those of you who are a sucker for love stories with a touch of paranormalcy. One thing is for sure, Tiffany King is definately a author to be out on the look for. I'll be checking in on the sequel to this book, can't wait to explore their world more.

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