Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First thoughts:

I absolutely loved this book, I loved just about everything about it and yes there were some things that happened in the storyline on which I wish didn't happen but in the end it was just what it needed to be. I felt all my emotions in this one and at times felt almost the need to cry because through these three books I've gotten to know the characters better, I've gotten to consider them my "Virtual" or "imaginary" friends. They are people I could only hope to be friends with. I wish they really did exist. Rachel has a talent of bringing to life her characters; of making the reader connect with them in more than one way. And I do have to admit I got to know Jerico a lot better in this book, I like him even more in this book because he opened up and truly expressed himself to Eden. He is such a sweetie, who wouldn't like him? The storyline itself was twisted and magical, so much happened in this book, so many twists that in a way I saw but didn't want to believe. As for the description it was beautiful, Rachel has a way of describing the scenery in a way that it makes you believe you're there; you forget you're even reading it's that good. And her description is very lyrical, it's more flowing and smooth, somthing you expect in poems and short stories. But my absolutely favorite thing about this book was the complexity to it. I loved that there was a deeper message to this book, that if you thought hard and long about it, you'd realize that you could in a way connect it to your life. That perhaps you could learn a thing or two from Eden and everyone else. Also the forshadowing is very subtle in this book, if you aren't reading closeely enough you wouldn't really notice it but it's there, you just have to read between the lines. This book was addicting, I couldn't put it down. I wanted to read on and on and by the last page my emotions were on high and I was utterly speechless. The whole story left me in awe, so much was good about it, and so much of it was an emotional rollercoaster that I was exhausted by the end of it. But it will be hard to forget all that transpired in this book, the waiting for "Endless Magic" sure is going to be a long one.


Eden is heart broken; distraught. She's been betrayed by the one person she gave her whole heart to; Kiran. But she's determined to strike revenge, she will rescue her brother Avalon; she will avenge her grandfather Amory's death. But the journey ahead of her is a long one; she must form alliances with those she knows little about. She will have to put trust in people she doesn't know. And she will have to change in order to go foward. But obstacles are thrown in her way from all sides and the magic building up inside her is becomeing near to unbearable. Eden will have to figure a way to unleash the pain and pint up magic inside her before it's too late.

Last thoughts:

So I know my summary is short but even from the start things were unveiled, I didn't want to spoil it from anyone. This is a book you'll have to read; to take my word on that it is fast paced and beautiful at the same time. The transfomation that starts to form in Eden in this book was both beautiful and dark. The twisted humor to causing its source is one to take to heart and try to unravel its meaning. And Eden wasn't the only character that made a transformation, some both shocked and excited me. To see these charcters take on a mind of their own was magical and fun in its on way. I would recommend this to any one who has either loved or liked the first two books in this series, you will not be disappointed. Also I would recommend this to anyone who hasn't even given this book a try, I say pick up "Eternal Eden" and see for yourself the world that Rachel has created. It's a beautiful and deepened world. Rachel definately has created a world that I want to continue to explore and learn more about. Now it's only a matter of the waiting period till "Endless Magic". I don't think January can get here fast enough.        


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