Friday, December 9, 2011

A Book Never to be forgotten

First Thoughts:
There are a few things you must understand about this book to really enjoy it, one being the fact that it takes an avid reader, you can’t just half be reading this to grasp it’s true beauty another would be the fact that there is a lot of description, the author described almost everything in this book but to me it wasn’t over the top, the description in fact help me grasp exactly some of the things that were going on. Another thing you need to be aware of is the fact that the sub-plots are just as important as the plot, they help build a more solid and understandable plot. So with that being said you can see that this book is unique in itself and though it might take a bit more of an active reader it has a lot of hidden beauty within. The description in the book like a said is plentiful but it has to be there without it half the beauty of this book would disappear. The author did a good job on describing both the characters themselves and the landscape around them. Another thing I enjoyed about the description was that it seemed realistic to the story itself, like perhaps if their world really could or did exist the description could be real in itself. As for the plot itself, it had plenty of rising action and subplots up to the point of climax and the climax itself was nail-biting, action packed to the point that you wanted to read as fast as you can just to find out what happens. As for the falling action and conclusion it was executed at the right pace and it satisfied all conflicts and characters. As for the characters themselves they were created very well, I felt that they were realistic and relatable; each one had their own personality to which the reader could connect with and distinguish from the other characters. As for the transformation of the characters, most of them did change in some small form but the most beautiful transformations had to be that of Ben and Gabriel, both of them were nice to watch, seeing them go through something not so nice to something even I would envy was fun and adventurous. As for the story itself I thought it was unique and fun, this definitely is a book I’ve never read before and the whole idea of the demon under London was genius. Some flaws I found within the story would be the beginning, though it started out with action and introducing the main idea I found it hard to read, like I kept drifting away but as soon as I got past it I was able to read at full force and finish the book in a reasonable time. One other flaw I found was that at times too much happened, I felt that a couple of scenes were too chaotic and were hard to follow but after reading it awhile I was able to adjust and understand what needed to be understood. I did enjoy this book and would be interested to know that perhaps the author could one day continue this story.
Goodreads Summary:
A powerful demon has been trapped under the city of London for over 300 years. Now, however, malevolent forces are at work in the 17th century, planning to unleash terror and chaos on the world. Two rival secret societies the Liberati and the Praesidum - are caught in a battle that threatens to destroy the city and its unknowing inhabitants.
When a truant schoolboy, Ben, finds a scroll revealing the location of magical seals that bind the demon, this throws him into the center of a dangerous plot that leads to the Great Fire of London. Ben must overcome his own problems - fear of failure, desire for revenge, guilt over his parent’s deaths - if he is to protect the city, and confront the evil demon.
As the plot unfolds, a little more of the mystery about Ben s own past and his parent’s deaths is made known. Ultimately, Ben and his friends must combat sorcery, defeat the evil Liberati and destroy the demon if they are to save their city and themselves.
Last Thoughts:
I would recommend this book to fans of historical fiction, though I haven’t read much books classified as this I have read some and this is definitely high on the list in that category. I would also recommend this to people who enjoy reading about demons; it has its own special twist to it and is unique in itself. I wouldn’t recommend this to people who don’t enjoy religion and to those who don’t enjoy reading stories that take place back in 1666. Though I found this book quite enjoyable and a nice fun read it’s not for everyone, I think it’s a matter of giving it a try to see if it’s the one for you or not. This book was a great read and found myself reading even faster once I got to around the 30 percent mark, just know if you get there you will most likely be hooked. I enjoyed the authors writing style and found it quite unique to where it had its own voice.

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