Friday, December 16, 2011

Featured Friday

Hello my fellow readers and followers,
So I have partaken in Sara-Sadiya’s Featured Friday where we interviewed each other about ourselves and our blogs.  
                        Random and Booky!                      
Sadiya is a 14 year old girl who is an Ahmadi Muslim and proud of it. From the short time I’ve known her she’s been the sweetest and most helpful person and isn’t afraid to tell the world who she is. Her blog is called Random and Booky and is full of fun and excitement. She does posts from up-coming movies or movies she’s found to be enjoyable to posting reviews on books she’s read and wants to share with her fellow followers. She also posts a whole bunch of meme’s from Trailer Thursdays to Music Mondays. They’re fun, spunky and knowledgeable in every form. Her blog is an awesome place to go and dip your fingertips into a splash of fun. Her button is adorable and awesome and it actually inspired me to start posting buttons of others bloggers on mine.  Anyways I had a great time interviewing her and hope that you too will enjoy her answers.
The Interview:
Me: What do you hope your follows gain from your blog?
Sadiya: Well I hope my followers can get good recommendations from blog. Whether if it's for the books or songs, and sometime movies I post on it. I also hope they try and see the person ((me!)) writing this. I like to put as much of my personality in my blog posts as possible. I think it makes it easier to connect with the reader.
Me: What inspired you to start your first blog?
Sadiya: Well I saw a bunch of bloggers on GoodReads and they were so good and I thought it was a pretty cool way of getting out the word for good and bad books. So I thought why not start one! And I really loved it. Blogging is so much fun. It's kinda like a public diary about books. LOL.
Me: What is the hardest thing you've found about blogging?
Sadiya: Keeping up with the memes. I always have trouble with that. I participate in 5 memes and most are on school days, so I'm always late with that, trying to keep up with homework, blogging and an actual life. LOL
Me: If you could choose any book to review in advance what would it be and why? What are its attributes?
Sadiya: Hmmm. I want to read the next Percy Jackson book, The Mark of Athena. I've been a huge fan of Percy Jackson since I started reading them in 7th grade. And The Son of Neptune left off just before Percy was reunitited with his friends and Annabeth and I want to read them being together and stuff. Not to mention that the next one has to be about Annabeth, since the title's the Mark of Athena and she's the only daughter/character of Athena it talks about. So I really really want to read that book.
Me: If there was one thing you wish you could do with your blog what would it be?
Sadiya: I want to find a better back ground to upload, make the gadgets and stuff look cooler.
Me: What is your favorite favorite type of books you enjoy reviewing? If it's in YA be more specific, like fantasy, paranormal, werewolf, vampire, ect...
Sadiya: Actually I read YA and don't really read a specific genre. I'm like all over the place with it lol. But I really like action/adventure books or realistic fiction books. They're both really awesome.
Me: When you review things what are the key points you make sure are critiqued in every book? For ex. Plot, description, character development, ect....
Sadiya: I always try to comment about everything. But I always make sure I have the summery that's used on the book in it. ALWAYS. lol. I like to comment on the pace of the book, like if it was too slow or too fast. The writing style is something I like to compliment on too.
Me: If there is one thing you want your followers to know about you what is it? or What is one thing you want your followers to know?
Sadiya: That I'm an Ahmadi Muslim. It's got nothing to do with books I know, but I like to put it out there that I am a Muslim and extremely proud of it. There are a lot of stereo types about Muslims out in the world and this is my way of showing it's not all true. It's one of the reasons I think I started my blog.
Me: You review music, movies and books, what made you do all three?
Sadiya: I don't review music, I have no idea how you can either. Music is simply good or bad. But I decided to post about all three because I'm a fanatic for each. I'm always listening to music, I love reading and I always loved movies. Especially movies that have songs in them that I like and are based off a book. LOL ^^
Me: Besides blogging what do you do? What's your other passion?
Sadiya: Well reading of course! Lol. I also love to watch movies, listen to music, text my best friend Cora, eat! I like to eat sweet stuff. I like to surf online, and just relax. I'm trying to write. I've been told I'm a good writer, so I'm trying to make that a habit.
Me: Who do you consider your loyal followers? Like do you have anyone perhaps outside of your blog that helps support you?
Sadiya: Yeah. My best friend, Cora! If I ever want someone to check it out and give me they're thoughts she's the one! Also my other best friend from my mosque, Linta! I can rely on both of them.
Me: What do you think it takes to be a blogger?
Sadiya: Dedication. To be a blogger, you have to be dedicated to it and keep posting on it. You have to sacrifice some of your time to post the memes and reviews, add pages, make it look nice and stuff.
Me: What is your favorite part of reading?
Sadiya: My favorite part of reading is getting lost in the book. It's in a way teleporting out of our world into the book. I like imagining everything and pretending to be there. =)

Well that’s the conclusion of the interview; I hope you learned something about her and will follow her and learn even more.  Also to check out Sadiya’s interview with me click here.
Thanks for reading our interviews and we hoped you enjoyed them!


  1. Hi. Thanks for the follow on my blog and on Goodreads, I am now following back! ;)
    Yes, I am an author too. I started out about a year ago. I had a few short stories published in the first half of the year then my novella/short novel called Day-Walker came out as an e-book in September. Next week I am going to be submitted my latest piece to the publisher - fingers crossed! ;)

  2. I forgot to answer the other part of your question the other day - sorry! You asked about getting followers. Well, many of mine came from participation in Follow Friday (I was the Feature one week too). Then I have joined a couple of giveaway hops - having a giveaway will always earn you a few new follows if your prize is worthwhile. I tend to offer a book up to $10 from Book Depository as it's a decent prize but doesn't break the bank.
    Also I pick up a few followers via Goodreads Groups at times too.
    Hope that is of some help....