Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Quote Me Tuesday...

Hello fellow readers,
I've created my very first Meme and I hope that all of you will participate with me. It's simple really, here's the list of guidelines to go by:

1. Each week and anytime during tuesday pick up the book you're currently reading and open up where you left off.

2. Quote a sentence on the current page you are reading; try to be spontaneous, don't look for the "perfect" quote.

3. Then post it on your blog along with the author and title of the book it came from.

4. (optional) choose an image to go with the quote.

5. Publish the post and you're done :
(You can post this meme along with any other post or meme; like if you did a review and didn't want to do a double post for the day.)

Now, don't explain anything about the quote, don't even put the page number or percentage it's at. Use the button below on the top of your post so that others can do it with you.

If there's any questions or concerns message me I'll answer you however I can.
Here’s my “Quote Me Tuesday” Meme:

“Love is strictly forbidden in the infernal realms, or rather happiness derived from love.” From “The New Death and Others” by James Hutchings.


  1. okay, this may sound silly, but I've never done MEME's before, so I need a little help figuring out what exactly I'm supposed to do. Do I do it just like a regular button on the sidebars, or...???

  2. It's okay, this is my first one too :)

    But all you have to do is every tuesday do this "Quote Me Tuesday" Meme and post it like you do a review. Put the "Quote Me Tuesday" Button in the post somewhere. And that's it.

    You don't have to put the button in the sidebars but you're certaintly welcome to do if you want, so others can see it. Another blogger put it in hers but like I said not required :)

  3. Thanks Lacey! I added it on the sidebar, just so it would remind me to do it every Tuesday *chuckle*

  4. Nifty idea Lacey :) I'm looking forward to doing this one next week.

  5. This is a great idea! I'm going to do it next Tuesday:)

  6. Gonna start on this one tomorrow! :D
    Great idea by the way!