Friday, December 30, 2011

Informative But Enjoyable

First Thoughts:
What to say? This book pulled me in from the very first page, it made not want to stop, I read this entire book in one sitting; yes it was that good.  The one thing to draw me into this world was the fact the main character Teagan was so unique and strong; you can’t always find a character like Teagan; someone you wish you could be. I felt the instant connection to her, there wasn’t one moment where I felt disconnected or cheated, she stayed true to her character. And the transformation she made was amazing; she transformed from someone with little confidence to someone filled with high self-esteem and a new outlook on life. Though I believe she was strong from the beginning others might have a different view. Yes she may of have had a few weak moments but when you’re battling her battles you’re bound to have a few weak moments. As for the other characters in this book I found them to be just as lively, the other key characters each had a distinct personality and almost like their own sub-plot but each one came together and created something so beautiful and inspiring. And they too made transformations; a transformation that can both be easily seen and detected. In this story I learned so much about what Epilepsy really is. Though I had a few key ideas of what it involved I never knew more than half of what was taught in this book.  I can take from this book both an enjoyable experience and information that could help me one day help someone else and that makes this scary world just a little bit less scary. One thing I didn’t like about this book was some of the wording was awkward; some of the sentences didn’t seem structured quite right, like the transitions were abrupt and less smooth.  But it wasn’t like that throughout the entire book so I pushed that to the side and was able to really enjoy the book. As for the description I found it perfect, there wasn’t too much and not to less, the author did a great job on both describing the descriptions of the characters and the scenery. As for the writing style besides some of the transitions I found it really good. It was able to help move me in a way into which I connected with the characters. This book brought out the emotions; at times I was joyful while others I was sympathetic. I really enjoyed the connections I had you don’t always get that any more, it’s like a lot of the books published today are becoming more and more distant and the readers not always able to connect with the book. But this book definitely didn’t disappoint, it was beautiful and informative.

Goodreads Summary:

Teagan Kavanagh’s life is shattered when her parents are killed in a car accident. She must move in with her brother and is forced to attend public school for the first time in her life. As if starting a new school her junior year wasn’t hard enough, she continues to battle epilepsy and the constant unknown of when and where her next seizure will occur. As this new chapter in her life opens, she gets more than she bargained for. Torn between playing it safe and risking her life to be normal, Teagan must make a life changing decision.

Last Thoughts:
I would recommend this to people who don’t know anything about epilepsy and to those who enjoy books that both help the reader make a connection and get informed at the same time.  I would also recommend this to people who enjoy realistic book; this definitely is very life-like. I wouldn’t recommend this book if you don’t enjoy realistic type books and have a hard time reading books that both educate and inform you. Though this wasn’t like in your face informative, there were parts that really informed of what you should do. But in the end I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to discover what more this author has to offer. Her story certainly drew me and executed a great and action packed plot.

My Rating: 

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  1. This sounds like a good book! I think I'm going to have to put it in my TBR pile. My little sister has epilepsy so it'll probably be an interesting read.
    I'm a new follower! (: