Monday, December 26, 2011

Eye-Opening and A Mystery

First thoughts:

After reading this book it definitely has evoked the fear of being published, though I haven’t even begun the long journey of “Rejection” I have had thoughts of aspiring to be an author one day and after reading this book and learning about the real publishing world it has given me a new perspective.

This entire story is filled with mystery and “who done its”, not one stone was left unturned, and though I found the main character hard to connect with for a while I was finally able to understand her by the end. The dialogue was at times a bit off, I found it to be a little fake; as if the character themselves was lying. But the story itself was exciting and I found myself learning more and more about how it is to be bi-polar. The overall view of the characters to me was I found them to be relatable and people who could very well be people I know. The best friend was one of my favorite characters, I found him to be well-rounded and full of life, I enjoyed that he was included thoroughly throughout the story. One of the best things about this book is that it wasn’t easy guessing who the serial killer was, the author always provided you with false leads and when you have an idea of who it could have been you were proven wrong. And the ending, wow is all I can say; there were so many twists and surprises that I was left stunned. The plot like I said was great, always paced right, there weren’t enough slow moments to keep you from straying far, there was always plenty of action and detective moments to keep you interested. As far as the character herself, though like I mentioned she was a bit hard to connect with she did have a life about her; she was filled with so much rage and energy and for a while there I really couldn’t understand her but in the end she was bi-polar and the authors intention was for us to only understand her near the end. When you know someone with this disease you have to understand that they aren’t always who they’re normally are, they can’t control themselves all of the time and that’s what I took from this book. I’ve learned that these people are just as good as you and me but they have so much more to overcome than we will ever have to. The description in this book was good, there wasn’t too much and I found that most of the description was to help us see where the character was and help describe some of her ideas and feelings. The transformations of the characters were minimal in this book, though the main character did change her views she didn’t necessarily change in this book which in this case was okay. What needed to be transformed was her viewpoint and that did happen.  As for the other characters some did change but they were minimal and didn’t necessarily change the impact the book had on me. As for the writing style I found it to be good, there weren’t poetic moments like in “The Heritage” but it did have a good quality about it that it drew me into the story and kept me wanting to read more.
Goodreads Summary:
All Serial killers are different--but with one that stalks literary agents--mere words are not enough.

To someone else, the rejection letter might be perceived as a simple piece of correspondence. But when Amy, who suffers from bipolar disorder receives a form rejection letter from Edward, an agent she had an affair with at a recent convention, she takes the rejection as both personal and professional—in short—a declaration of war.
Amy quickly embarks on a plan to get revenge by destroying Edward’s literary agency. However, Amy is soon not the one to be feared the most. Her actions create a copycat, a serial killer, who targets literary agents and viciously murders them. Living with the knowledge she has created a monster, a serial killer, is one thing, while doing nothing to stop the madness is another. But how could she track down a killer when she has no training in such? Thinking like a mad man might be the only way—but could she go there and survive herself?
When the winds of fate rekindle the romance with Edward, thus making him the next target—she really has no choice but to help the FBI. But will she be too late?
Last Thoughts:

I’d recommend this book to anyone who likes a good mystery, if you’re looking for a mystery where it’ll keep you guessing than this is a book I’d recommend. I wouldn’t however recommend this to anyone who has trouble connecting and understanding characters, if you’re someone who expects to instantly click with the main character than this isn’t something I’d recommend. It was however a fun and fast read for me. It doesn’t take a lot of thinking to read it, it’s one of those books you can read and just sit back and relax. This was definitely one I enjoyed and can’t wait to see what else this author has in store for us.

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  1. Oh wow, this is actually original and very thrilling, great review!I am going to be adding this to my TBR pile.

    PS. Great cover!

    Natasha @ Dreamland Teenage Fantasy